Special Visitors at Charing

DSC04391Children who arrived on time for school at Charing were delighted to be greeted by Attendance Ted and Pup. Our special visitors were delighted to greet all the children who arrived on time for school today. Children were excited to be given “high fives”, thumbs up and even hugs from Attendance Ted and Pup and were all encouraged to be on time for school. Both visitors have promised to come again but they never say when they will come and encourage all the children to be on time every day just in case “todays the day the teddy bears come to visit”!


Our AGM will take place at 7.30pm at school on Wednesday 24th September. We would love to see more mums, dads, and carers joining us in order to spread the work load and help to raise much needed funds to support the school and help to give “our” children opportunities to do things that they wouldn’t get to do if the PTFA didn’t raise the extra funds for paying or subsidising trips.

You don’t have to commit to very much time and even helping to wash up after an event would be a big help.

Please we need your help, come along and take an active role in your child’s school. Everyone is welcome and we have a great deal of fun!


Would like to meet – must have SOH!!

Pretty in Tents!!

Come & join Charing School Parents, Teachers & Friends Association – as you can see, we’re pretty in tents!!!!

Actually we are a very informal group who raise funds to “titivate” the school experience for ALL the children who are lucky enough to be taught here. We also help out at events as needed. We only meet up once every term generally, although we have a great network of email, texts and playground chat going on in between times! We’d love to meet you – keep an eye on the blackboard at the front of school for details of what we’re up to and when our next meeting is.

Jo Astbury